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Model: MS-25 Box Making Machine

Machine: Box Making Machine
Model: MS-25
Cardboard length : min.400mm
Cardboard width: 400~2500mm
Cardboard tickness: 2~7mm

Just in Time Packing Solution
The box making machine MS-25 is custom size corrugated box producing equipment. 
A carton can be made ANYTIME when it is required reducing carton warehouse management. 
Just select a carton type, enter the dimensions (input system including 3D size scanning, bar code scanning, laser distance meter and manual input) and a carton with the RIGHT SIZE is then produced. 
Products can only be packaged with standard but bigger cartons BEFORE but they can be packaged with the RIGHT-SIZED cartons for any kinds of industries NOW.
A traditional box making machine requires a large amount of box production, but BoxWay's  〝Just in Time Packing Solution〞 makes a carton ANYTIME with ANY SIZE and ANY TYPE. 
Besides, the cartons with the bigger volume require more freight. 〝MS-25〞 can help you pack without fillers for environment saving with LESS EXPENSES!
Reduce Carton Warehouse Management
  • Make a carton when you need it
  • LESS transportation cost
  • No extra cartons stored indefinitely
Eliminate the Need for Packing Fillers
  • No cost of fillers
  • Low space requirement for fillers
  • Save the environment
Just in Time Packing Solution
  • Make a carton ANYTIME
  • Make a carton with ANY TYPE
  • Make a carton with ANY SIZE
Versatile Dimensions Input System
  • 3D size scanning
  • Bar code scanning
  • Laser distance meter
  • Manual input
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