Model : MS-16

The box making machine is custom size corrugated box producing equipment. A box can be made ANYTIME when it is required reducing box warehouse management. Just select a box type on the touch screen and a box with the RIGHT SIZE is then produced. Products can only be packaged with standard but bigger boxes BEFORE but they can be packaged with the RIGHT-SIZED boxes with high efficiency for any kinds of industries NOW. A box can be made in 15 seconds as the minimum production speed.

Machine Specification:

Cardboard Thickness2 ~ 7 mm

Cardboard Lengthmin. 400 mm

Cardboard Width400 ~ 1600 mm

Production Speed4 ~ 9 boxes/min.

Electric Powerapprox. 5 kw

Dimensions (L x W x H)2510 x 1220 x 1850 mm

Net Weightapprox. 1600 kg

ColorRAL 8019 / RAL 9003

 * Technical data is not binding and can be modified without prior notice.


w  Select a box type, enter the dimensions and a box with the RIGHT SIZE is then produced.

w  The box type and size which are frequently used can be archived in the system for improving the work efficiency.

w  servo-controlled positioning for RIGHT-SIZED boxes

w  blades are made of special tool steel for extended life

w  10-inch touch screen provide the user a clear operation interface and box details.

w  complied with European safety standards

w  feeding direction is rotatable for cardboards with insufficient width or special box types to increase machine flexibility


w  main working units:

-    feeding unit

  • upper rubber roller of adjustable pressure
  • motorized lower rubber roller
  • servo-controlled speed

-    transverse unit * 1

  • creaser * 1
  • circular blade * 1
  • servo-controlled positioning
  • circular blade with high-density teeth used for clean slitting edges

-    longitudinal units * 6

  • creasers * 6
  • circular blades * 6
  • servo-controlled positioning
  • circular blades with high-density teeth used for clean slitting edges


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