Model : MS-25 3
紙箱成型機 MS-25

Model : MS-25

The box making machine is custom size corrugated box producing equipment. A box can be made ANYTIME when it is required reducing box warehouse management. Just select a box type on the touch screen and a box with the RIGHT SIZE is then produced. Products can only be packaged with standard but bigger boxes BEFORE but they can be packaged with the RIGHT-SIZED boxes with high efficiency for any kinds of industries NOW. A box can be made in 15 seconds as the minimum production speed.

Machine Specification:


Cardboard Thickness: 2 ~ 7 mm


Cardboard Length: min. 400 mm


Cardboard Width: 400 ~ 2500 mm

Cardboard Basis Weight: outer liner ≥ 160 g/m2、fluting ≥ 130 g/m2

Production Speed: 4 ~ 9 boxes/min. (depending on types and sizes)


Electric Power: approx. 5 kw


Dimensions (L x W x H): 3560 x 1220 x 1900 mm


Net Weight: approx. 1900 kg


Color: RAL 8019 / RAL 9003

* Technical data is not binding and can be modified without prior notice.


  • Select a box type, enter the dimensions and a box with the RIGHT SIZE is then produced.
  • The box type and size which are frequently used can be archived in the system for improving the work efficiency.
  • The model is equipped with Japan MITSUBISHI servo motor with high precision as standard. This contributes to the box making machine with great stability and accuracy of each mechanism to make RIGHT-SIZED boxes.
  • Remote monitoring maintenance system for faster access from the manufacturer in case of machine breakdown
  • JAPAN MITSUBISHI PLC control system
  • Blades are made of special tool steel for extended life.
  • 15-inch touch screen provides the user a clear operation interface and box details.
  • The design of the machine is complied with European safety standards.
  • Feeding direction is rotatable for cardboards with insufficient width or special box types to increase machine flexibility.
  • The HMI of the box making machine is already integrated with the industrial PC, the network connection can be done by using RJ45 cable or Wi-Fi. There is no requirement on an extra PC for the connection.
  • The interface will display the location of all the sensors on the machine. The user can know whether the sensors are activated by looking through the map.

w  main working units:

-    feeding unit

  • upper rubber roller of adjustable pressure
  • motorized lower rubber roller
  • servo-controlled speed

-    transverse unit * 1

  • creaser * 1
  • circular blade * 1
  • servo-controlled positioning
  • circular blade with high-density teeth used for clean slitting edges

-    longitudinal units * 6

  • creasers * 6
  • circular blades of adjustable height * 6
  • servo-controlled positioning
  • circular blades with high-density teeth used for clean slitting edges



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